Lee Family
Dec 22, 2017
The Lee Family

The Lee Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, purchased a 30-panel photovoltaic system because they wanted to get their electricity from the sun, instead of an electric company.

Mr. Lee was especially impressed by the customer service provided by Jeff Lee, who was referred to the family by a work colleague. In addition to clearly explaining the installation process and possible delays with HECO, according to Mr. Lee, Jeff was "very professional, very straight forward, and quick to respond to our questions regarding tax incentives even five months after everything was installed and payed for."

AEI provided multiple panel configuration choices and the installation went smoothly. The family's electricity bill has gone down to $18/month and they have been referring their friends and colleagues to AEI.

Lee Family, Nuuanu

PV Solar

Enjoy the benefits of photovoltaic solar electricity, like lower electric bills, state tax incentives, and energy independence.

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