1. Does AEI only install units? Do you offer servicing as well?
We offer HVAC, PV, SAF, and SWH maintenance for systems we installed.

2. If I installed with a different company, can AEI service my system?

Mostly yes. This depends on the type of system and where you are located. For PV services, a site assessment is required and there is a NON-AEI Assessment Fee. For Air Conditioning services, our company specializes in Mitsubishi split units. We are not able to service central air, window units, etc. Please call our office at (808) 842-5853 to inquire about NON-AEI systems.

3. Is there a charge to have a technician come out?
Yes, the Service Call Fee is $150.00 + tax (if not covered by warranty). For NON-AEI customers, please contact the office at (808) 842.5853 for charges.

4. I have warranty, do I still have to pay the service fee?
AEI will assess your warranty at the time of scheduling. If your system is installed by our company, there will be a $150.00 + tax Service Call Fee to dispatch a technician after your labor warranty ends.

5. I need to take down my panels on my roof, does AEI offer this service?
Yes. We offer system take down/put backs. Please call our office at (808) 842-5853 for a quote. Please note, a 50% deposit is required to schedule this service.

6. If another company services my system, does that affect the warranty?
Yes. If a company other than AEI works on a system we installed, that will void all warranties with our company.

7. Why is my AC maintenance fee more than previous years?
Hawaii Energy rebates change every year. We subtract the rebate price from your total cleaning costs. Some years could be more or less.

8. Why is my HECO bill high?
There are multiple factors that could cause an increase in your HECO bill- weather, shading, microinverters/optimizers going out, etc. The most common factor is an increase in usage from the household. However, sometimes parts do fail and we encourage you to call our new PV Tech Support line directly at (808) 380-6845.

9. If a part is needed to fix our system, what is the average wait time for it to arrive?
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, parts are taking longer than usual to arrive. It could possibly take anywhere from 5-180 days. However, we have experienced longer wait times. Once your part arrives, we will call you as soon as possible to schedule a service call.

If you still have questions, please feel free to call our office, Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Or, you may email us at [email protected]