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  • How do I reset the electric back-up on my Solar Water Heater?

    1. Locate your "Little Gray Box", the electrical timer box, and turn the red lever to the "OFF" position.

    2. Locate the rectangular-shaped upper access panel on your solar water heating tank and remove the outer cover. (This will require a screw driver)

    3. Remove the insulation on the inside of the panel. This will expose your water heater's thermostat.

    4. Press the round breaker button, usually black or red, ensuring you hear a click when you press it. This will reset the electrical back-up to your solar water heater.

    5. Once insulation and panel cover is returned to original position, turn the red lever on your "Little Gray Box" to the "ON" position. Allow 45-60 minutes for water temperature to increase.

  • What should I do if my monitoring portal is showing an issue with one or some of my panels?

    Please call our offices immediately so we can see troubleshoot and diagnose your system. Our new Tech Support number is (808) 380-6845.

  • My PV monitoring portal shows that my whole system is not working, what should I do?

    Your monitoring system is an essential part of your rooftop PV system. This is the sole visual support that all homeowners and service technicians can use to effectively monitor and diagnose a PV system. 

    If your Monitoring system is down and shows that all panels are not working- don't panic! 8 out of 10 times this turns out to be purely a connectivity issue and your PV system is still working. Monitoring systems are very delicate as they are connected to a home's internet connection. Something as small as poor internet connection, power outages, or changing internet providers can all affect your Monitoring systems connectivity. 

    Whether you have the MyEnlighten or Solar Edge monitoring portal, you can go to Alternate Energy's YouTube Channel for step-by-step instructions on how to re-connect your monitoring system. Please keep in mind that after you re-establish connectivity, your monitoring system will need some time catch up on all the data that it missed while down. If you try this or would rather speak to us, please call us at our new Tech Support number (808) 380-6845.

  • What does PV stand for?


  • What is solar battery storage?

    Solar battery storage is an energy storage system that allows PV system owners to capture excess solar power. This excess power will not be exported to the grid, instead it is stored onsite for use when homeowners need power most- at night or during power outages!