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Read what our customer's have to say about their purchase and experience with our products and services.

  • Photovoltaic
    The Adams Family

    The Adams Family worked with AEI representative Jeff Lum to purchase a 10-panel PV system.

    While Mr. Adams looked into a few other solar companies, he ultimately decided to work with AEI because the company made things simple, convenient, and easy to understand. He was so happy with the installment and service that he recommended AEI to his parents.

    The Adams Family's monthly bills went from $600/month to $200/month. He plans to install more panels in the future.

    Adams Family, Waialua

  • Photovoltaic
    The Benros Family

    The Benros Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, decided to purchase a PV system because they wanted to reduce their electric bills. 

    AEI representative Dave Thompson showed them all of their options, walked them through how to get tax credits, and worked with them on the set up and installation. The Benros Family ultimately decided to hire AEI because their entire PV system is from Mitsubishi.

    Overall, the Benros Family had a "great experience" and have referred four people to AEI since their system was installed.

    Benros Family, Ewa Beach

  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioning
    The Matsumoto Family

    The Matsumoto Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, worked with AEI representative Roy Skaggs to purchase an energy efficient air conditioner and compressor. Mr. Matsumoto wanted AC because it was so hot in the house.

    Out of all of their options, AEI gave them the best possible quote for a quiet, energy efficient AC that included a HEPA filter. The installation was seamless and even with the AC running all day and night, the family's montly electric bill went down.

    According to Mrs. Matsumoto, "Roy was very responsive. It's rare to find a sales rep that remembers you one year later. I didn't feel like I was speaking with a sales rep, it felt like I was speaking with a member of my family."'

    Matsumoto Family, Kapolei

  • Photovoltaic
    The Antonio Family

    The Antonio Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, worked with AEI representative Jeff Lum to purchase a PV system. Mr. Antonio, who suffers from emphysema, often has to stay indoors in the air conditioning, which was running up their monthly bills.

    The Antonios had been approached by several solar companies, but decided to work with AEI because they provided a lot of information about the quality of their product, instead of just going over financing options. This sold Mr. Antonio, a former contractor, right away.

    While the family experienced some delays with the electric company, the PV installation went smoothly. They described their experience with AEI as "perfect, excellent."

    Antonio Family, Ewa Beach

  • Photovoltaic
    The Lee Family

    The Lee Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, purchased a 30-panel photovoltaic system because they wanted to get their electricity from the sun, instead of an electric company.

    Mr. Lee was especially impressed by the customer service provided by Jeff Lee, who was referred to the family by a work colleague. In addition to clearly explaining the installation process and possible delays with HECO, according to Mr. Lee, Jeff was "very professional, very straight forward, and quick to respond to our questions regarding tax incentives even five months after everything was installed and payed for."

    AEI provided multiple panel configuration choices and the installation went smoothly. The family's electricity bill has gone down to $18/month and they have been referring their friends and colleagues to AEI.

    Lee Family, Nuuanu

  • Photovoltaic
    The Norstrom Family

    The Norstrom Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, worked with AEI representative Jeff Lum to purchase a PV system. The Norstrom's heard about AEI through word of mouth--two coworkers provided "great references."

    After working with Jeff on the number and type of panels, installation was completed in just one day. According to Mr. Norstrom, who managed and owned several stores in Waikiki, "salespeople are imporant and good employees are hard to find. We are lucky to have worked with Jeff."

    The Norstrom's monthly bill went from $600/month to $80-$150/month. According to Mr. Norstrom, "my wife and I danced when we got out first bill."

    Norstrom Family, St. Louis Heights

  • Photovoltaic
    The Vaeena Family

    The Vaeena Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, worked with AEI representative Roy Skaggs to purchase an 18-panel PV system for their home. The Vaeena's considered purchasing PV for two years and decided to work with AEI after calling and conducting research on five different solar companies.

    In order to take advantage of tax incentives, the Vaeena's needed their system installed by the end of the year. They reached out to AEI in November and were pleased with the quick and efficient installation, and Roy's timely responses to their questions.

    Their monthly bill went from more than $200/month to $18/month, even with the addition of two AC units. Being able to save money on their electric bill freed up cash flow for the family, allowing them to take advantage of more activities, like stand up paddle boarding, that they normally couldn't afford.

    Vaeena Family, Honolulu

  • Solar Water Heating
    The Mizushima Family

    The Mizushima Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, worked with AEI representative Jeff Lum to purchase a solar water heater. After reaching out to a few other solar companies, Mr. Mazushima decided to work with AEI because the company provided him with a better quote and warranty. His previous solar water heater was more than 30 years old and needed to be replaced.

    According to Mr. Mizushima, "The installation was quick--only one day--and everything is running really smooth...It would have been hard to beat you guys. Everything was superior all across the board--warranty, price, and service. It was kind of a no brainer for me."

    Mr. Mizushima's brother and nephew have since purchased PV systems from AEI, and another brother purchased a double solar water heater. "We're like an Alternate Energy solar family," said Mr. Mizushima.

    Mizushima Family, Kapahulu

  • Photovoltaic
    The Asato Family

    Ronald and Patti Asato, returning AEI customers, worked with representative Jeff Lum to install a 31-panel PV system on their home. According the Mrs. Asato, "The one thing about Jeff that I really like is that he's not a high pressure salesman. He told us what the advantages were and about the product, but he left it up to us. There was no pressure, which was a big plus." This is their second PV system from AEI. The first system was installed on a home that they now rent out.

    The Asato Family got quotes from three different solar companies. As a friend of Bruce, the owner of AEI, Ronald knew that the company is always looking into new technologies and that it provides excellent customer service and high quality products. For all of these reasons, the Asato's ultimately decided to work with AEI again. According to Mrs. Asato, "The installation was so smooth both times. They came in and next thing you know, they're done. They are really efficient and they explain stuff to you."

    The Asato Family's electric bills are now $18/month, a savings of more than $250. The PV panels provided the family with comfort during the hot summer, allowing them to run the AC with worrying about the electric bill. Mrs. Asato recently referred a coworker who ordered an efficient air conditioner and PV system. "I tell people that PV is a no brainer. It pays for itself through monthly savings," said Mrs. Asato.

    The Asato Family, Wahiawa

  • Photovoltaic
    The Plantz Family

    The Plantz Family worked with AEI project coordinator Dave Thompson to purchase a photovoltaic system for their home.

    After meeting with two other solar companies, the Plantz Family decided to work with AEI after speaking with Dave at a trade show. They appreciated his low key, no-pressure sales approach, pleasant personality, and his extensive product and industry knowledge. Even well after the installation, which went smoothly despite the rainy weather, Dave answered the family's questions and pointed them to any additional information that they needed.

    Even after running the AC all day, the Plantz Family's bill is only $18/month, an estimated monthly savings of $400-$500.

    Plantz Family, Aiea

  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioning
    The Dunbar Family

    The Dunbar Family worked with AEI representative Ross Kutsunai to purchase a Mitsubishi energy efficient AC for their home in Aikahi Park.

    Navy Capt. John Dunbar (ret.), who worked as a contracting officer in the civil engineer corps for 30 years and as an energy management contractor for 12 years, has worked on a lot of energy-saving projects. According to Mr. Dunbar, "I was really impressed by AEI...They were professionals from initial contact and expert sales representatives all the way to project completion. The Mitsubishi AC product is simply outstanding. The fact that they can offer a 12-year warranty is a testament to their quality."

    The Dunbar Family has been enjoying their new AC system for several months now. "We literally can't hear the system when it's on. AEI was careful about where they placed the outdoor unit as well so it doesn't interfere with our garden pathways," said Capt. Dunbar.

    The Dunbar Family, Aikahi Park

  • Photovoltaic
    Honolulu Aunty

    After years of thinking about it, Uncle decided that it was time for solar panels for our home. The timing was great – our electrical bill was edging up to $400/month, solar companies’ prices had come down and systems were much more efficient, needing less panels and less wall space for the controls.

    After getting a few quotes from other companies, we settled on Alternate Energy. David Thompson was our point of contact, and he was excellent. Answered all of our questions with accuracy, gave options, filed all the necessary papers, arranged inspections and even gave us an anniversary discount. We signed papers at the end of December, and on the 1st week of January, our system was installed!

    Our neighbor was amazed – he had signed up for his solar system months ago with another company and they still have yet to have it installed. Unfortunately he had already put down his deposit and signed a contract, so he has to continue to wait (and is still waiting for almost a year).

    Alternate Energy is an electrical contracting company, and most of their business is from installing solar panel systems. The crew was impressive. Very polite, very attentive to details, very nice young men who took pride in their workmanship and the company they represented.

    We were told that the grid for our area was already filled at 100%. That meant that we wouldn’t get the super savings in our electrical bill until Hawaiian Electric approved and accepted our system. We still opted for it. Watching our electrical meter go backwards was a real thrill and Uncle said that we would soon see savings on our bill.

    Sure enough, our following month’s bill was about half of normal, and then, the next month’s bill was only $27!!! Can we hear a KA-CHING?!! We will also get Federal and State tax credits, so even more KA-CHING!

    Uncle gets all the credit for this great idea. He made so many calls, checked out several reviews, asked for recommendations, and really did choose the best system and the best company for our needs. He wanted just the right number of panels – not too many and not too few.  It is a 5.72kW Residential Photovoltaic System. We have 22 Mitsubishi panels with Solar Edge inverters that can be diagnosed on our own computers, with 100% efficiency. This system is such an improvement over the older systems and panels. We have a 25 year warranty on the panels, and 10 years parts and labor warranty from Alternate Energy. Our cost before tax credits was $24,616.10. Half down (using our Hawaiian Airlines mileage VISA) and half upon completion was a bit of a sting, but it made too much sense to go for it, and we did.

    Spend now to save for the long term is a very good decision. Kudos to Uncle the Wise, and David Thompson of Alternate Energy!

    David can be reached at (808) 554-5191 or via email at Please tell him that Aunty sent you – we get referral income too!