Dunbar Family
Dec 22, 2017
The Dunbar Family

The Dunbar Family worked with AEI representative Ross Kutsunai to purchase a Mitsubishi energy efficient AC for their home in Aikahi Park.

Navy Capt. John Dunbar (ret.), who worked as a contracting officer in the civil engineer corps for 30 years and as an energy management contractor for 12 years, has worked on a lot of energy-saving projects. According to Mr. Dunbar, "I was really impressed by AEI...They were professionals from initial contact and expert sales representatives all the way to project completion. The Mitsubishi AC product is simply outstanding. The fact that they can offer a 12-year warranty is a testament to their quality."

The Dunbar Family has been enjoying their new AC system for several months now. "We literally can't hear the system when it's on. AEI was careful about where they placed the outdoor unit as well so it doesn't interfere with our garden pathways," said Capt. Dunbar.

The Dunbar Family, Aikahi Park

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  • Photovoltaic
    The Adams Family

    The Adams Family worked with AEI representative Jeff Lum to purchase a 10-panel PV system.

    While Mr. Adams looked into a few other solar companies, he ultimately decided to work with AEI because the company made things simple, convenient, and easy to understand. He was so happy with the installment and service that he recommended AEI to his parents.

    The Adams Family's monthly bills went from $600/month to $200/month. He plans to install more panels in the future.

    Adams Family, Waialua

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    The Benros Family

    The Benros Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, decided to purchase a PV system because they wanted to reduce their electric bills. 

    AEI representative Dave Thompson showed them all of their options, walked them through how to get tax credits, and worked with them on the set up and installation. The Benros Family ultimately decided to hire AEI because their entire PV system is from Mitsubishi.

    Overall, the Benros Family had a "great experience" and have referred four people to AEI since their system was installed.

    Benros Family, Ewa Beach

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    The Matsumoto Family

    The Matsumoto Family, a first time Alternate Energy customer, worked with AEI representative Roy Skaggs to purchase an energy efficient air conditioner and compressor. Mr. Matsumoto wanted AC because it was so hot in the house.

    Out of all of their options, AEI gave them the best possible quote for a quiet, energy efficient AC that included a HEPA filter. The installation was seamless and even with the AC running all day and night, the family's montly electric bill went down.

    According to Mrs. Matsumoto, "Roy was very responsive. It's rare to find a sales rep that remembers you one year later. I didn't feel like I was speaking with a sales rep, it felt like I was speaking with a member of my family."'

    Matsumoto Family, Kapolei