Jun 18, 2016
An Important Message From Alternate Energy Hawaii

Aloha Customers and Friends,

You may have seen some recent media coverage about a settlement agreement between the DCCA and Alternate Energy Inc. I want to assure you that there has been no wrongdoing. AEI opted to agree to DCCA’s proposed settlement rather than expend company and state resources to fight baseless charges in court. We have satisfied the DCCA requirements and are pleased to continue business as usual.

I’d like to share with you the statement we have provided to media, which more clearly explains the issue:

“Alternate Energy and other solar energy contractors were the subject of a 2015 complaint by HECO to the DCCA’s Regulated Industries Complaint Office (RICO).

In 2014, the PUC ordered HECO to lower costs and connect PV customers to the grid on a more timely basis. HECO responded by creating a new set of rules and tariffs. This resulted in an unsettled period in the solar energy industry, as customers and contractors were forced to contend with the utility’s unclear or incomplete policies during the transition.

Unfortunately 38 of our customers were affected during this period (since then all but four systems are HECO-approved and closed). We believe no laws or rules were violated; however rather than expend company and state resources in litigation, AEI agreed to RICO’s proposed settlement calculated at $1000 per customer. The settlement was agreed upon in December 2015 and has been paid in full, and confirms that AEI does not admit to any wrongdoing.

Our goal is to provide excellent renewable energy solutions to Hawaii customers. We want to move forward so we are taking responsibility for the confusion and, as always, making every effort to comply with all rules and regulations as we have done in Hawaii for more than 30 years.”

Thank you for your business, loyalty, support and friendship. Working together we are making Hawaii a cleaner, greener state for ourselves and for future generations.

Bruce Ekimura

The AEI Difference

Alternate Energy, Inc., has been serving families in Hawaii for more than 30 years. We believe in the customer, the community and the 'aina. 

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