Mar 27, 2017
PUC Order Allows More Customers to Join Grid Supply Program

An order by Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission will allow more rooftop solar system owners to take part in the state’s previously closed grid supply program, which allows customers to export unused energy from solar panel systems back to the grid in exchange for credit on their electrical bills. The order will clear a backlog of grid supply customers and open the program to new participants.

The new grid supply program participants will take the place of the net energy metering (NEM) applicants who dropped out of the program between October 2015 and October 2017. Due to Hawaiian Electric Co’s interpretation of the PUC’s ruling, the grid supply applicants were not allowed to replace those who dropped out of the NEM program.

Previously, customers who were not allowed to participate in the grid supply program purchased batteries like the Tesla Powerwall to store the excess energy that they were unable to export to the grid.

While the grid supply program does not credit customers the full retail rate when energy is returned to the grid, the program still offers a high return on investment.

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