Solar Water Heating

In Hawaii, up to 40% of the average family’s electric bill goes toward heating water.

Solar Water Heating benefits:

  • Cut water heater energy costs by 50-80%.
  • Utilize free energy from the sun to reduce the effect of utility rate increases.
  • Claim up to 65% of your solar water heating system costs by utilizing State of Hawaii and federal tax credits.
  • Receive a one-time $1,250 rebate from the Hawaii Energy Program for solar water heaters installed on existing homes.
  • Take advantage of low interest and zero interest loans through the our partnerships with local, reputable financial institutions.
  • Protect the environment by using clean, renewable energy.

Benefits of Alternate Energy, Inc’s Solar Water Heating Systems

Alternate Energy’s residential solar water heating systems are designed to provide the best combination of value, reliability, and trouble-free service. In order to maximize the lifespan of your system, we include the following features:

Service warranties:

  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Full customer support throughout the lifespan of the system.

How Solar Water Heating Systems Work

Solar collectors, or panels, on the roof of your home are connected through a series of pipes to a solar water tank. Water pressure forces the cool water in your tank up these pipes and into the solar collectors. The collectors trap the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water inside the tank.

When the water gets hot enough from the sun, the circulation pump transfers it back into the storage tank where it rises to the top of unit. The cool water, which remains near the bottom of the unit, is pumped to the solar collectors, completing the solar heating cycle.

The circulation pump will continue to run as long as the sun is up. In times of poor weather and heavy use, a timer-controlled, back-up heating element located in the solar water tank will ensure you have hot water.

Financing Options

Through partnerships with Central Pacific Bank, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, and Sungage, AEI is proud to offer competitive financing options for Roofing, split A/C, Solar Water Heating, and PV customers.

Financing Options
Get the complete energy package.
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    You can claim up to 65% of your total photovoltaic system cost by utilizing State of Hawaii and federal tax credits.

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    Capture excess power, store it onsite and have it delivered when you need it, without exporting to the grid.

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    Mitsubishi Split Ductless AC systems are up to 40% more efficient than traditional HVAC systems.